PhD Students

  • Manuel de Ponte
    “Decentralized Adaptive Control for Large Scale Systems”
    Graduated July 1988
    With U.S. Airforce

  • Kostas Tsakalis
    “Adaptive Control of Time Varying Plants”
    Graduated August 1988
    Professor at Arizona State University

  • John Reed
    “Robust Adaptive Control of Robotic Manipulators”
    Graduated August 1988
    With Raytheon Co.

  • Jing Sun
    “Robust Adaptive Tuning of Controllers”
    Graduated August 1989
    Professor University of Michigan, Fellow of IEEE

  • Gang Tao
    “Model Reference Adaptive Control: Stability, Robustness and Performance Improvement”
    Graduated August 1989
    Professor at University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Fellow of IEEE

  • Anastasios Economides
    “A Unified Game-Theoretic Methodology for the Joint Load Sharing, Routing and Congestion Control Problem”
    Graduated December 1990
    Professor at University of Macedonia

  • Aniruddha Datta
    “Quantitative Analysis and Robust Design of Adaptive Control Systems: Robustness Performance Tradeoffs”
    Graduated August 1991,
    Professor at Texas A&M University , Fellow of IEEE

  • Marios Polycarpou
    “Artificial Neural Networks for Control Applications”
    Graduated September 1992
    Professor University of Cyprus, Fellow of IEEE

  • Farid Ahmed-Zaid
    Control and Adaptation of Time Varying Nonlinear Systems”
    Graduated summer 1993
    With Ford Motor Company

  • Michael Demetriou
    “Robust Adaptive Control for Infinite Dimensional Systems”
    Graduated summer 1993
    Professor at Worsester University

  • C.C. Chien
    “Intelligent Vehicles and Highway Systems”
    Graduated summer 1994
    Researcher at the Industrial Technology Research Institute

  • Youping Zhang
    ” Robustness of Nonlinear Adaptive Control ”
    Graduated summer 1996
    Takami inc

  • Humair Raza
    “Infrastructure Managed Vehicle Following: A Control Perspective”
    Graduated summer 1997
    Systems Architect
    Transparent Networks Inc
    Milpitas, CA

  • Alex Kanaris
    “Automated Highway Systems: Concepts, Spacing Requirements and Performance”
    Graduated December 2000
    Research Engineer

  • Arnab Bose
    “Design, Analysis and Evaluation of Semi-Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic”
    Graduated August, 2000
    Research Engineer
    Real Time Innovations
    Sunnyvale, CA

  • Kun Li
    “Modeling and Overlapping Decentrilized Control of a Large Segmented Telescope Test Bed”
    Graduated August, 2001
    Sr. R&D Engineer
    Nellcor Puritan Bennett, Tyco Healthcare
    (925) 463-4421

  • Chin I Liu
    “Design, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Automated Container Terminals”
    Graduated December 2001
    Senior Design Engineer
    Aplus Flash Technology
    San Jose, CA 95131

  • Haojian Xu
    “Robust Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Systems with Guaranteed Error Bounds”
    Graduated December 2002
    Senior Engineer
    Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc

  • Hossein Jula
    “Modeling and Dynamic Optimization of Container Movement in Metropolitan Networks”
    Graduated August 2002
    Professor University of Pensylvania

  • Baris Fidan
    “Nonlinear and Adaptive Control of Time Varying and Multivariable Systems”
    Graduated December 2002
    Assistant Professor

University of Waterloo, Canada

  •  Nazli Kahveci
              ‘Robust Adaptive Control for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’
               December 2007, Ford Motor Company

PhD Guidance Committee Member (not main advisor)
  • Nicholas Oleng
    “Decentralized Adaptive Control”
    Yale University, March, 2004
  • Ahmed Mazen Wahbeh
    “Analytical and Experimental Studies in Nonlinear Structural Health Monitoring and System Identification”
    University of Southern Califormia
    Dept. of Civil Engineering
    October 2003
  • Lydie Nouveliere
    “Commandes Robustes Appliquees Au Controle Assiste D’un Vehicule A basse Vitesse”
    LIVIC, Paris, France, Dec. 5, 2002
  • Hakan Kizilocak
    “Coordinated Multi-Agent Pursuit Using Probabilistic Maps”
    Univ. of Southern Calif., Sept. 12, 2002
  • Hsing-Han Meng
    “Stability Analysis and Robust Control Synthesis with Generalized Multipliers”
    Univ. of Southern Cal. June 26, 2002